benefits-of-melanotanEver since Coco Chanel, women around the world have been seeking beauty perfection in the shape of tanned and toned bodies. However, women bodybuilders are looking for tan even more desperately than regular women because a tanned complexion increases their overall appearance and helps them become more desirable and win bodybuilding competitions. Nevertheless, there are countless tanning methods, from old-school sunbathing sessions to fake tan sprays, lotions, paints, and even tanning beds and salons, including organic tanning. And even though each of these methods might seem like a good alternative for women bodybuilders searching for the perfect shade of their bodies, they can be dangerous to one’s health. Apart from the less harmful sunburns, sun overexposure can lead to a series of dangerous skin conditions, including malign moles and skin cancer.
You can avoid all that and achieve extra benefits by appealing to Melanotan, a revolutionary peptide already used by hundreds of women bodybuilders and regular women across the globe.

What is Melanotan and how can it be used?

Melanotan is a peptide hormone injected into the skin in order to gradually darken your skin tone and achieve a sun kissed skin. You will be able to see results from the first injection and the best part about Melanotan is that its results last up to one month after you finished the treatment. This means you can enjoy a beautifully tanned body all year long, without having to worry about cold winter months that do not allow too much direct exposure to sunlight.
You can order Melanotan online or from any fitness and body center. The injections are safe and easy to do in the comfort of your own house, saving you time to further spend of more pleasurable activities. Use the Melanotan hormone shots as often as you want and enjoy long lasting results without damaging your skin.

What are the secondary benefits of Melanotan?

Women bodybuilders have been using this melanotan 2 peptide for a few years now as the healthiest alternative to the harmful effects of direct sunlight exposure and fake tanning sprays or paints. However, apart from offering a perfectly tanned body and boosting its overall looks, Melanotan has other beneficial side effects for women such as:


• Increase sex drive. Many women suffer from low libidos and cannot seem to enjoy sex as much as they should. Melanotan is sure to help you with this problem by increasing your sexual drive and make you more sensitive to sexual touches. In addition, it also helps your partner achieve longer lasting and harder erections, which will certainly benefit you both.

• Diminish food appetite. Although women bodybuilders must have daily high intakes of proteins, they can easily be fooled and eat more than necessary, especially harmful foods containing sodium or carbohydrates and fats. Melanotan works by suppressing the appetite receptor in the brain, determining women to eat less, but stay healthier and maintain those perfect bodies sculpted over years of training and sessions of gym.
If you need assistance or guidance with the dosage, appeal to your fitness instructor or local physician and establish the perfect dose for the desired results.

With summer being just around the clock everyone wishes to display a beautiful sculpted body that will rock those tiny bikinis and stretch beachwear bought a few months back. However, a gym shaped body couldn’t offer the same wow impact without a complimentary tan to displace in the same time. But with such an active and busy schedule daily, it is hard to find enough time for sun tanning sessions or salon tanning throughout the year. Thus, the only time when you can finally claim your rightful role under the sun is that two-week vacay you planned the whole year round. But why wait until mid-August to enjoy a beautifully looking skin and a sun kissed allure? There are other ways for those who lack the necessary time to take long sunbaths but still desire a glowing-looking skin. Melanotan is one revolutionary product that may take away all your problems!

What is Melanotan and how can you use it?

Melanotan is an injecting solution that helps achieving a darker skin tone gradually, without the side effects and harmful long-term sun exposure. It comes in the form of a powdery substance you can order from online stores on from any bodybuilding or fitness center. This substance is reconstituted using microbiologically pure water and injected into the skin over a period of time. Dosages and administration of this substance differ for various skin tones thus, for the best outcomes injections must be done carefully, preferably by a professional. The Melanotan substance is perfect for bodybuilders who love contests and need to look perfect at any time.


Why you should give Melanotan a try?

This revolutionary injecting substance is the perfect method for bodybuilders to achieve the desired tanned body that looks so good in pictures and in contests. Unlike bodybuilding specific fake tan and paints that are used in most of the cases, the Melanotan has a series of benefits for bodybuilders, including giving them more time to hit the gym and avoid long self-tanning sessions. Moreover, since this product works from inside out, your perfectly shaped body will have a natural tan and glow, far from those fake tans most bodybuilders use in contests.

If you are not fully aware of the reasons why you as a bodybuilder should appeal to this miraculous product, here are just a few:

  • sun-kissed-skinsGorgeous skin all year around. We know you have to appear at many contests throughout the year and the preparations before each contest can take weeks. Why spend any additional time with fake tanning lotions and paints when you can glow from the inside out? Unlike regular self-tanning lotions, Melanotan will not wear off on clothing and its effects will last as long as you take the treatment.
  • Improved appetite. One of the best side effects of this hormonal treatment is an increased appetite, which will allow you to consume more proteins and shakes that will automatically boost your muscles and help you achieve a more appealing body for contests.
  • Use it for as long as you want. Unlike other hormonal treatments, Melanotan can be used without experiencing side effects after it is no longer administrated. However, during the treatment you might experience slight nausea and vomiting as your body starts accommodating with the hormone.

Bodybuilders are renowned for their terrific bodies and extremely well defined muscles. They make any shirt look tight, no matter the size and you could probably use bodybuilders to break rocks or move pyramids. But aside from that, achieving the perfectly looking body does not only require time and money, but also extreme devotement, dedication and determination. Apart from their countless hours spent at the gym, bodybuilders must also take good care of their bodies through grooming, trimming and tanning. If this does not scare you and you still want to acquire the body of a god, here are some tips to follow directly from specialized bodybuilders and fitness instructors:

Challenge yourself, each time you workout

Overcoming your fears regarding the strength of your body is the first step in building that rock body you aim for. Each time you work out try to challenge yourself and push your limits a bit higher. Set up realistic goals for training and every time you achieve them, do an extra set of exercises. Although it may look tough in the beginning, this is the way up.

Have a break as well


Hitting the gym every single day for multiple hours may seem like a bodybuilder’s routine, but it is always good to have some time off. Go to the gym 4-5 times a week and work all your muscle groups, without focusing on a certain one. Allow your muscles to recover by giving yourself some time off from the gym, at least one day a week. Do not fall back, meanwhile and keep your body shaped and fitted by practicing cardio instead.

Watch out what you eat

Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for every bodybuilder. Stay away from greasy foods or sweets and pack yourself instead with proteins, either from animal sources or from vegetal ones. Chicken breast, turkey meat, fish and beef are the number one choices for a bodybuilder’s meal because they contain high intakes of proteins and are low on fats. Avoid alcohol abuse, smoking and keep your body hydrated at all times. Bodybuilders sweat a lot, so make sure to drink sufficient water.

Supplements are not a must


Even though most bodybuilders supplement their efforts with protein shakes, peptides, hormones and even steroids, you should be careful with those. Choose natural products that compliment your gym efforts, such as Melanotan. Melanotan has easily become the number one choice for tanning bodybuilders worldwide. Bodybuilders know the importance of a good looking skin; thus tanning is a must if you want to be appreciated in the business. However, most traditional tanning methods are harmful to the skin and may lead to serious diseases and problems. Melanotan is an injectable natural hormone that allows your body to gradually become darker without exposing yourself to the sun.

But Melanotan is not only used because of its tanning effects, but also for a series of side benefits, including but not restricting to:

  • Inhibiting appetite. Bodybuilders can now easily stay away from unnecessary sweets and delicious sodas by taking Melanotan injections.
  • Increased sex drive for men and women. Who wouldn’t want a spicier sex life?

Melanotan has been in the news a lot recently, with good and bad press. Within this article we’ll talk about what Melanotan actually does, and dispel a few rumours. Melanotan is 100% safe to start with, as long as you follow the directions carefully. This is the important bit; you need to read the directions carefully! If you don’t follow the directions, it can be dangerous. This is the exact same with lots of drugs, everything can be unsafe if you don’t use it properly.

What Does Melanotan Actually Do? 


Reduces Appetite: This is how you will lose weight by using Melanotan, as with all drugs – they have side effects. This is quite a good side effect for many people, including bodybuilders. Bodybuilders are constantly trying to build mass, but a better idea would be to focus on the muscle you already have. A reduced appetite means you won’t be gaining weight, and may actually be losing weight. This allows you to focus on the muscle you already have, toning it even further during your bodybuilding workout routines.

Increased Libido: Yes, you read that right. Melanotan has the ability to increase your libido, or sexual appetite. This means you can further your ability within the bedroom, and last much longer increasing the pleasure. Melanotan can be taken by men and women, and have the exactly same effects.

watches-and-pencils_bodybuilding_tTan: This is one of the main features of Melanotan. During Summer, tonnes of the population flock to the nearest beach to frolic in the sun, tanning their bodies. The remaining population sit in their garden tanning themselves. While you may love having darker skin, it can be incredibly dangerous. Skin cancer is strongly linked to UV rays from the sun. Melanotan effects the pigmentation of the skin giving you the gorgeous brown skin you’ve always dreamt of. While this may not seem too impressive, you have to remember that you don’t have to spend any time in the sun to get this tan, you will receive it through Melanotan, which boosts hormone production in the pituitary gland.

Should I Use It? 

The general answer is yes. However, if you have a history of health issues, it may be wise to steer clear of Melanotan. If you are a bodybuilder looking to up your game, then Melanotan is right up your street. It can easily be bought from the internet or some local drug stores, making it accessible to everyone.

If you are an individual or a couple looking to build your muscle, drop the excess fat, get a great tan without the dangers, and have an increased libido all for an extremely small price, then what are you waiting for? Order your Melanotan today!

You need to make sure you follow the directions extremely carefully with Melanotan, as with all drugs it can have various side effects that can be nasty if you take too much, including vomiting, sickness, and nausea.