Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Date night

Last week I woke up to a lovely email from our wedding venue inviting myself and my future husband back to enjoy a complimentary meal. We've visited a few times before and always been impressed hence why we booked the venue for our wedding but I was overjoyed we had been invited back complimentary of course. Such a lovely personal touch for us.

We often have date nights so this was perfect to us. We chose a Saturday evening.

As soon as we walked through the doors someone was there to greet us, we were told to pick anywhere so we chose a nice secluded booth table with a gorgeous view on to the courtyard which features the most gorgeous flowers, plants and water fountain. There's also a seating area for the sunnier days.

I ordered rump steak and chips, very very well done! The steak was cooked to perfection. Very well done but still so juicy and tender. Not chewy or tough at all. The chips were homemade which I love! I hate oven chips at a restaurant! I was drinking Diet Coke all night as I took the car and I was over the moon it came in a glass bottle. I always think it tasted nicer haha. I asked for no extras as I'm a very plain eater and wanted literally just steak and chips!

Darren opted for the fish, chips and crushed peas. The fish was HUGE! So big it was hanging over the edge, served with a generous portion of homemade chips, crushed peas and tartar sauce. He said it was absolutely beautiful and would definitely get it again. The batter was light and crispy.


I didn't have a pudding but Darren did. He chose Millionares Shortbread. It came served with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry sauce drizzled around the edge of the plate. He loved it so much we have changed our wedding menu to have this as an option for our guests. Unfortunately I couldn't snap a picture as he devoured it within seconds!

Darren was drinking Birra Moretti. Not many places sell this "on tap" as he says so he's very happy that The Angel do.

The service was fast, the staff were efficient and friendly, the portions were generous and the food was beautifully cooked and presented.

We are now so excited for our wedding reception to be held here.

The Angel View Inn is also a hotel and we're thinking of staying here New Years Eve too to get a feel for the place. Gorgeous surroundings, nice meal and beautiful hotel rooms. I'll settle for that.

*this meal was complimentary but all opinions and words are my own and I was not paid for this post*

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The best kebab

If you're on a diet then look away now. Stop reading immediately and resist the temptation! Yummy scrummy deliciousness is about to make your mouth water...

I recently discovered a facebook group which is is full of foodies who post reviews and pictures of their takeaways and meals out. I've been able to find some lovely hidden gems and we have tried a few new places but one place stood out by a mile!

Forget your 5 star dining and caviar. This is a good old kebab, yes kebab. The north easts favourite!

Lots of people won't even try a kebab because of the ingredients, who even knows the ingredients? All I know is they are tasty and have way too many calories!

Since joining this group I kept seeing review after review for a takeaway about 10 miles away from us in the sunny area of South Shields. South Shields have hundreds of takeaways catering for all tastes and is best known for fish and chips on the seafront with lashings of salt and vinegar followed by a dip in the sea and some fun on the 2p machines. Ahh childhood memories!

Anyway, back to the bab!

The takeaway is called Chaska Grill Da and their menu is enormous! They do everything from burgers, pizza, chicken, kebabs, rice, deserts and a big long list of kebabs!

Most popular being the Zakbab. (The owner is called Zak hence the name)

We order the mixed chicken Zakbab, you can choose to have this served with pitta bread or naan bread. It comes in a pizza box (too big for a carton hehe) and it's the bestest biggest kebab ever, no joke!

Your bread is the base, a generous portion of donner meat is piled on top followed by big chunks of juicy chicken and chicken tikka portions, peppers and onions, you can opt for salad or chips and choose 2 sauces. We usually get ours with salad and garlic sauce then order a side portion of peri peri chips, they are gorgeous!

The meat is marinated in chef's special spicy sauce and you can opt for how hot/mild you would like the sauce. It's big enough for 2-3 people but we still insist on ordering chocolate fudge cake for afters which always fresh and moist. Not too sweet either.

We are always so full and satisfied after our takeaway and the staff are so friendly. I order online using Just-Eat and then go and collect as they don't deliver to our postcode. Our order is always ready on time and is still piping hot when we arrive home to tuck in.

Next we are going to try their pizza's as they look equally delicious but for now we are Zakbab addicts!

If you're ever in the local area and get the chance to try it please do, you will not be disappointed!

It's often hard to find a decent takeaway especially if you're fussy like me. I've made countless complaints regarding cold food, missing items, bad presentation, swimming with grease, bad customer service, long waiting times, hairs in food and generally just an awful meal but we're super happy at Chaska and are loyal customers for the foreseeable.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Cheap car insurance

Is there such a thing? I passed my driving test 15 months ago so I know I don't have that much experience but I do have some, I've also been a named driver for 3 years. No accident, no claims yet it still doesn't seem to count for anything all because of my age. I'm 23.

The time has come for me to renew my car insurance and I'm gobsmacked at the quotations I have been getting. The cheapest I have been able to find is £1400 for the year with a £300 deposit. Yes you read that right. Some of my friends only pay £30 a month!

After speaking with lots of insurers and doing some research apparently ''no claims'' doesn't actually make a difference for under 25's. I think that's pretty unfair. Surely my experience as a named driver and my 15 months of being a policy holder should count for something? Well apparently not.

Some companies were quoting 5k for the year and also wanted to install a little black box to my car. The boxes record the time of day you drive, how long you drive for, your driving behaviour such as speed, braking, acceleration and also the type of roads you drive on. Now don't get me wrong I consider myself to be a safe drive but I found it quite degrading having to consider this when I've already held a policy in my name with no problems at all, I assumed it would be a simple renewal.

I'd understand if I was driving a high performance car or had some issues during my 15 months experience but I haven't, there's no factor effecting the quotes other than my age. Bet you're glad you're over 25 now huh? Lol.

For a few weeks now I've been debating on keeping my own car or leasing a car, the expense is mental but I rely on my car so much, even though I work from home many of you know I suffer with anxiety and my car is my lifeline. It's the only way I can leave the house, visit family and take my partner shopping. I would be lost without it!

I've used so many comparison websites and called millions of insurers yet I'm still no further forward and I have less than a week to decide what I'm gunna do.. If you've been in a similar situation or know of any good insurers that don't judge by age then I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

No more spots

Wow, can you believe it's nearly the end of April. Where is 2016 going? It feels like just yesterday I was wrapping Christmas presents, now I'm preparing for the summer! I'm not a fan of Summer to be honest (even though we don't get much of one here in the UK) but one of my favourite things about this time of year is wedding season! Yay!! Wedding fayres and invitations!

We have a few weddings to go to this year and it's always a bit daunting if you're an anxiety freak like me. Meeting people you don't know and spending your day with strangers. Think I'm more nervous than the brides! (That'll be me soon! But that's another story)

Anyway.. I'm not exactly a beauty addict but I do love makeup, hair and nails. I also suffer with PCOS (again another story) and one of the downsides of this is breakouts. I suffer with acne and have frequent breakouts.. Thought it was a teenage thing but here I am, 23 and still spotty. I'm also a spot freak, I don't know how people can leave them alone. If there's a spot and I see it.. It's getting popped! Gross I know lol. But because of my weird spot popping addiction, I've got quite a bit of scarring on my face especially.

Then I discovered this amaaaaazing marine mud mask which literally sorts your spots out with minimal effort. Genius right? And men can use it too! Not just us ladies who like a fresh face.

You apply the face mask just like any other and leave it to dry for a few minutes until it's hard and cracks when you smile (or raise your eye brows and twitch your nose like I do lol, not a pretty sight) and right before your eyes you see your spots literally coming out. The face mask unclogs poures, removes excess oil, prevents breakouts and leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy. No painful squeezing or leaving marks. Best of it is it also fills your face with minerals and vitamins helping your skin look better for longer. No harmful chemicals of alcohol.

After using the mud mask my make up went on much better and also sat better, I noticed I didn't need to top up either, it stayed all day! And when I removed my makeup I didn't have any angry spots waiting for me.

I'd love to hear from you. What helps with your breakouts?

*I was kindly sent some samples to try before purchasing a big bottle for myself however all words and opinions are my own but the pictures belong to the lady I purchased from*

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The best mascara?

Hi, hello, bonjour.

Just a quickie today!

First up I am NOT a rep for this company. I just love some of their products.

I want to tell you all about the 3D fiber lash mascara available from Younique. If you haven't heard about or tried this product then where have you been?!

Like many people when I first heard about it I sat in the fence and ignored the amazing reviews and all of the hype about this product. Silly me! I was kindly sent some to try out.

The product comes packaged in a lovely box and on the inside it has instruction how to use the product. Inside is a pretty little pouch to keep the tubes safe and included are 2 tubes. The fibres and the gel.

You apply one coat of mascara, allow to dry for a few seconds and apply a coat of the fibres, this adds length and volume to the lashes making them appear fuller. You then cost your lashes in the gel to secure the fibres. The beauty of it is you can repeat this process as many times as you like to get the length and look you desire.

The product is made from all natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals and also includes Younique's uplifting eye serum which helps to nourish and moisture your natural lashes whilst wearing the mascara helping your natural lashes to grow longer and thicker. Wow!

This product has been drastically enhanced and is now 400% improved than the original. It's priced at £23 but is worth every penny and lasts forever. There's a clear window on the bottle so you can keep an eye on how much product you have left, no more running low unexpectedly.

Please don't buy from eBay as they are not genuine products and you can't be certain what ingredients are used. Pay the extra and get the real deal!

* I was sent this mascara for the purpose of this review but all works, opinions and pictures are my own *

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Campaign To End Loneliness

When Sunrise Senior Living got in touch and offered me the opportunity to take part in their campaign ''To End Loneliness'' I instantly said yes! I think it's such a great campaign and it effects so many people, it's quite sad really but now is the time we're doing something about it.

The world is full of lovely people but sometimes even the ones surrounded by lots of people are often the most lonely. I'm sure the majority of us have felt lonely at some point in our lives and know it's not a nice feeling at all. Something as small and simple as a ''hello'' to a passing stranger is enough to brighten their day. Knowing someone has took time out to even just acknowledge them is a big deal for some.

The campaign to End Loneliness is aimed at elderly people as research has proven how detrimental loneliness can be to someone's health, especially those of an older age but to be honest I think any age can be effected by loneliness, not just the elderly.

Sunrise Senior Living kindly sent out a meal kit which included:

  • A recipe card for the meals I had chosen when first speaking with them
  • Choice of game
  • A pack of cards
A supermarket voucher to purchase the ingredients for the chosen meal.

The purpose of this campaign is to choose someone who you think is feeling lonely or a little bit under the weather and spend some quality time with them by simply cooking a meal and playing a game.It doesn't sound like a lot but to some people it really is. A lot of people often spend most days on their own with very little little or no communication.

I chose my other half. People might think well he can't be lonely as I see him everyday but we both work full time and different shifts so hardly get to spend any time together. He gets weekends off but I don't and someone always pops up. We rarely get time for just us to do something as simple as enjoy a nice meal and have a normal conversation. The only conversations we seem to have are who's doing the chores and what's for tea. So I chose him. It was exactly what we needed. Good food, good company and a good old game of cards. We went oldskool for the night and really enjoyed the time together.

I suffer with anxiety and sometimes find it hard to leave my home so as you can imagine sometimes I feel very lonely.

Sun Rise Living had a variety of recipes to choose from. I chose the fish and chips followed by bailey's cheesecake for afterwards.

The recipe was easy to follow and the ingredients were easy to find in my local supermarket.

I didn't tell the other half what I had planned as I thought it would make a nice surprise for him.

We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and will be keeping a hold of the recipe card to try it out again, the bailey's cheesecake was a big hit and he even had seconds! That's a first for my cooking skills.

After the meal we spent about an hour playing our chosen game of domino's and had a bit of banter between us. The evening was lovely and wasn't much effort at all. It just goes to show that a little can go a long way.

So the next time you're feeling lonely or you know someone else who may be lonely then why not do a random act of kindness? Make your elderly neighbour a cuppa or surprise your relatives with a visit and maybe a bunch of flowers, Even something small like saying hi to the person standing next to you at the bus stop could make a big difference to their day and put a little smile back on their face.

Network Marketing

A huge big massive HELLO!

It's been a LONGGGG time! Have you missed me? (just say yes)

Well it's been a whirlwind few months! The Christmas hype is now well and truly over, I've now turned 23 (sob sob) and I've started a new adventure! Yes that's right. It's all systems go at the minute and guess what. I bluddy love it!

Network marketing. Heard of it? Hate it? Think it's a ''pyramid scheme''? well let me tell you now.. IT IS NOT!

No it's not for everyone but that's down to the individual, not the company. Regardless of which company you choose, success is always a possibility. So many people judge network marketing and don't class it as a real job (a bit like blogging) but I've now seen first hand how much of a positive impact it can have on so many lives. It's mind blowing, it really really is!

I'm now a PROUD presenter within Younique. Let me tell you a little bit about them first of all. Younique are a 2 year old USA based cosmetic company and are already ranked as THE BEST cosmetic company in the WORLD. Yes you read it right. Even ask Siri if you're an iPhone user, he knows his shizz!

Younique's products are all natural based, gluten free and cruelty free. The companies mission is to uplift, empower and better peoples lives. We also have ''The Younique Foundation'' which is a luxury retreat in Utah and a percentage from EVERY sale goes towards this foundation which is more women who have been sexually abused. It's an all expenses paid opportunity and women can go to the retreat for healing and guidance on how to overcome their traumas. How amazing is that?

Now I know many people instantly take a dislike to Newtwork Marketing but I'd like to know why? What is so bad about it? Imagine paying £69 for a gorgeous make up kit including lots of products you love, feeling confident everyday, having 24/7 support, having opportunities to win holidays and luxury cruises as well as cars and more free makeup, meeting new people, making friends, coming out of your comfort zone, helping thousands better their lives and making money? What is so bad about that?

Younique have THE BEST compensation plan in the business and success is down to you. The tools are knowledge is there, you just have to put the work in. Consistency is key within networking, similar to blogging. Leave it for a few weeks and your DA isn't gunna be top of the mark is it? No, then neither will your network marketing business.

Many you will already know I suffer quite badly with anxiety but since joining Younique it's like I've been given this new lease of confidence. I finally feel comfortable in what I do and I love the products. It's amazing! Knowing everytime I sell a magic mascara (which is fabuuuulash!) I'm also helping women from all over the world overcome awful experiences.

I'm helping stay at mums to build a stable future with enough finances to do what they want, I'm helping people who don't like the reflection in the mirror realise how beautiful they really are, with or without make up, I'm spending time with people who have limited friends and feel cut off from the world but most importantly I'm building my own future. I have big goals for myself, so big they make me feel sick but guess what.. I'll get them. Believe me now, those goals will be my reality.

So the next time you or someone else judges network marketing just remember how many lives us networkers have changed and how many more we will change in the future. It's a fantastic opportunity and the beauty of it getting paid for doing someone I love.. wearing make up and taking selfies. It's not rocket science, it takes time, effort and a real people person.

No excuses. You've got the time, you can save up for £69, you have a phone.. you are good to go. Forget what if it doesn't work, what if I don't like it and what if....

What if you love it? What if you're successful? What if this is the opportunity you need?

What if you missed out? Don't sit on the fence and do not judge others decisions.

That's all for today dolls. I'll be back very very soon. Take care and don't forget to follow my instragram and watch my journey.

To join my team and start your journey.. get in touch. Write your goals down, big or small and let's tick them off one by one. Smash it together!

Take care and speak soon x